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Veselí nad Lužnicí

Czech Republic

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At the stage of ordering a virtual server, you can choose the location and the period of ordering the service.

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At the stage of ordering a virtual server, you can immediately select the required number of resources for your tasks

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In the location Russia, you can choose a dedicated server with an individual configuration

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You can extend the selected services for a certain period (receiving a discount at the same time) or simply top up the balance, in which case the services will be renewed automatically.

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General information

The data centers were selected according to our strict criteria, which were obtained by 14 years of experience in the field of hosting. Retzor is a new project, but the company’s management and their employees have been working in this field for more than 14 years. All Data centers comply with the Tier III reliability certification level. All data centers have an intelligent fire extinguishing system, round-the-clock security and video surveillance. The climate system consists of refrigerating machines with redundancy N+2. Diesel generators from leading manufacturers are installed with redundancy N+1. At least two optical routes connected to uplinks and traffic exchange points. At least two independent electrical inputs.

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About the data center in the Netherlands

Serverius is the largest data center in the Netherlands and the most popular in the European Union with a complete IT infrastructure. The channel with a capacity of more than 2 TB/s is wound up with three optical routes. The data center buys all the equipment directly from leading manufacturers. Two independent power inputs. Diesel generator for each engine room. What is rightfully worthy of the Tier III reliability level

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About the data center in Russia

Datacheap is one of the best data centers in Moscow. There are also two independent electrical inputs. There is a separate diesel generator for each engine room. Everything corresponds to the Tier III level. The company uses only cisco systems branded network equipment and engineering infrastructure from leading manufacturers.

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About the data center in the Czech Republic

The partner company is Host-telecom. The data center is located in Veseli nad Luzhnitsy, south of Prague. It is considered one of the most reliable Data centers in the Czech Republic.Four independent electrical inputs and three optical routes.

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